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Finding great pleasure in drawing cartoons for my peers, age 3 was when I discovered a strong passion for Art. The moment I gained instant popularity from my artwork, I knew I had to make more out of it. By the time I was 6, I got my first art award "Excellence in Handwriting & Art" from my kindergarden teacher and school principle. From then on and through out high school & college,  the art awards of came pouring on in--from academic design praises to city competitions. Which was when I realized my dream was to someday become a great Designer. As a Nigerian Native born and raised in Oakland California, the heart of the Bay Area, aka home of the Black Panther Party & Flower Child movements, Creativity comes so natural to me. The Bay Area's history and colorful cultured sense of unique individuality, has always driven me to push my creativity. Along with being a Bay Area native, I was also brought up in a VERY STRONG Nigerian culture,  & of course variety of artistic styles come with the territory. After 10 years of corporate branding in marketing publications and general design It was VERY CLEAR that my most passionate form of design has been in architecture and the process of Real Estate Development. I'm Truly looking forward to growing in the world of Global Commercial Real Estate Development & Architecture--within the sector of Sports & Entertainment Venues/Complexes, and all that it has to offer.

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